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As an educator with a post-secondary institution I have had something of a ringside seat watching the evolution of e-Learning. My biggest complaint was that, in general, most institutions getting into the game just "didn't get it." Their approach to the process was to create what I called "digital in-baskets" where the student completed the work and sent it in as an e-mail attachment. How they could regard this process as "distance learning" or the "digital classroom" was a mystery to me. One institution proudly walked me through their "digital in-basket" and was quite upset when I suggested they could save themselves some serious infrastructure dollars by replacing the program with something more efficient: envelopes and stamps. Things changed for me this spring. I was talking to my Dean about instituting an e-Learning program at my college and there was no discussi... (more)

Captivate Primer

Now that Captivate has been on the street for a few months and I have been out there "yacking it up," the product has moved from novelty to production tool in rather short order. Once that happens, there are the subsequent, "How do I...?" questions that inevitably crop up. This article deals with a five of the more common ones that I have encountered and shows you how to deal with them. They are: Fitting the application interface to be captured into a defined capture area. Adding a Voiceover script to a Captivate movie Moving the Control bar off of the captured interface Creati... (more)

MAX 2005 – Macromedia Flash Video For The Masses

Writing in MX Developer's Journal recently, Tom Green (pictured) mused on the benefits of the Macromedia Video Kit, and described how a $99 investment gets you easily and painlessly into the Web video game. When I first published my observation that "QuickTime is dead" in this publication, I never expected the response that article would garner. It ranged from, "Dude, you are sooo wrong!" to "Finally, we are free." Earlier this year, Macromedia, as is so typical of the company, quietly dropped the "Macromedia Video Kit" on the developer community and suddenly, video was available... (more)

Flash 8 Professional

About a year ago, I had a long chat with Mike Downey, the Flash Product Manager, regarding the launch of Flash MX Professional 2004. Mike was still stinging from much of the criticism related to the that launch, and the gist of the conversation was "never again." He was adamant that if Flash gets shipped, it will ship when it is ready and only then. This conversation took place in the midst of a very quiet tour that had landed Mike in Toronto after a couple of weeks in Japan. Another couple of weeks in Europe were in front him. He wasn't out apologizing. That's not Mike's nature... (more)

Fireworks Flash Buttons in a Flash

It ever ceases to amaze me, whenever I am speaking at a conference or hanging out with the "Flashies" at various user groups, to hear them tell me how they create their really "cool" buttons in that behemoth from a company named after a building material. When I ask them if they have the Studio, the answer is an inevitable: "Well 'duh,' of course I do!" Somehow, it seems, the message still hasn't gotten out that Fireworks MX 2004 is one serious "button creating behemoth" when it comes to Flash. Here's how to create a button in Fireworks MX 2004 that also functions as a button in... (more)